Types of Valves

Types of Valves
Gate Valves
    - Wedge type
    - Penstick/Sluice type

Globe Valves
    - Ball type

Check Valves
    - Swing type
    - Axial flow / Nozzle type
    - Wafer type
    - Spring return type

Ball Valves
    - Floating type
    - Trunnion Mounted type
    - Metal seated type
    - Top Entry

Plug Valves
    - Standard design
    - Lubricated type

Butterfly Valves
    - Concentric rubber lined
    - Double/ Triple offset metal to metal tight shut off type

Control Valves

Pressure Reducing Valves

Safety Relief Valves

     - Y type
     - Bucket type

Diaphragm Valves